How To Sound Smarter – Literally Overly Used Words

Actually, this video is literally going to change your life! Maybe! In today’s fast paced society, the quick fix is all the rage, and one question I get asked quite frequently is, “Can you make me sound smarter?” Well, here’s a quick fix!


How to sound smarter.
Actually, this is literally going to change your life.
Actually, literally. Two words I want to talk about today. How to sound smarter. Be aware of the words you use, and two words that I find being overly used these days, actually and literally.
All the time I’ll hear people say, “Actually, you know, it’s like, literally amazing.” I think most of the words I just said in there didn’t add anything to what I was trying to say, which was, I was trying to say, “It’s amazing.” But I added literally and actually, and they didn’t add anything.
Oftentimes we can all be a little bit guilty of overly using certain words. No big deal. We gotta talk the way we speak. We gotta be who we are. At the Voice Zone, I encourage you to be authentic. In being authentic, however, it takes some awareness of, am I really expressing what I want to express? Am I expressing who I am, or am I simply using words to fill the time, actually, literally?
Also the words I’ve talked about in other videos, you know, like, um. All these words take away from what we’re saying. They take away from who you are. So I really want you to be aware of these two words, because they’re very popular in today’s culture, actually, literally. Are these two words words that you’re overusing? Or are there some other words that you tend to use all the time, that again, detract from what you’re saying?
How do you stop using these words, or overly using them? The first step is awareness. So become aware of the words that you speak. How can you do that? You can record yourself. You can ask your best friend. Now, are there words that you hear me using a lot that are maybe kind of annoying to you? Is there a phrase that I use that seems a bit trite or overly used, hackneyed? They can give you some good feedback, as a good recorder can give you good feedback as well.
Secondly, once you know these words and you’re aware of overly using them, make the decision, for this one minute of conversation, I’m not going to use that word. Or for these two minutes of conversation, I’m not going to use these words.
In our life, we have different situations that come up. I have clients come to me and now they’re in sales. They’re in marketing. And they’re young. They’re in their twenties. And with their friends, they speak a certain way. They use all of these unconscious fillers. And it’s great. But does it serve them, as it serves them with their friends, does it serve them in this professional life, when they’re making sales, when they’re doing marketing, when they’re making presentations? Is it helping them serve their goals? Or are they stuck that way?
You are never stuck once you have an awareness and you make a decision. So be aware of this word, these two words, literally and actually, and see what you can to do start to wean yourself off of them, to speak more professionally, sound more polished, and have people take you for the professional and the authority that you are.