Super Speaker Series: Vary Your Pitch

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Super speaker series–pitch. Every one of you has an incredible range in their voice–low notes, high notes, all kinds of notes. But so many of us tend to speak on one or two of them and you know what, that’s a real bore. Think about the potential you have. You can speak with your chest voice, with your head voice, with a falsetto, with anything you want to, but you are capable of so much more than you’re probably using today.

Start to see and find creative ways for yourself to vary your pitch. Maybe try counting from a high one, two, three, all the way through ten, going down a note. Maybe start going from 1 through 5, then 1 through 6 and so on. Go low-to-high, hum some notes, try some humming low, some humming high, placing the voice more in the facial mask. Place the voice more in the chest. And then be brave and try to use a little bit more pitch in the workplace, in your next presentation. Maybe when you’re talking to your best friend, when you’re telling a story, see what you have inside of you because you are unlimited in the way that you present yourself. Pitch is such an integral part of this.

Find and vary your pitch and see what it feels like. See what kind of reaction you get from the universe, from your friends, from your co-workers and let me know how it goes for you. Remember, you are not Johnny one note. Let me know how it goes for you.