What are the goals of working on Voice and Speech?

Each client has his or her own goals and dreams: to become more articulate, eliminate bad speaking habits, lessen an accent, gain an accent, become a more dynamic speaker, gain vocal power and more.

What can I expect in a session with Patrick?

Each session is 50 minutes. You will arrive at Patrick’s home studio in West Hollywood, CA, one block from Beverly Hills. A portion of each session will be recorded and you will record or receive a copy of your session to take with you. In your first meeting, Patrick will evaluate your voice and speech to I will tailor a Voice and Speech program that is right for you.

Can I really eliminate my accent? How long does that take?

Accents are important because they identify where you come from, but become a problem when people can’t understand you. Accent work depends on your own goals. Whether you would like to learn the Standard American Accent, learn a new accent or dialect, or improve the clarity of your speech, Patrick can help you identify and remove those stumbling blocks to help you reach your goals.

The answer is different for everyone. If English is your first language, you CAN eliminate regional accents. At least 6-12 sessions are recommended. You will always feel and hear results immediately.

I don’t like the way I sound. Can I really change that?

Yes, you can. Patrick’s one-on-one sessions offer various exercises that develop depth, clarity, resonance and pitch that help you bring out your most desirable voice. You can have an effective and dynamic voice!

My child has a speech impediment. Can Patrick help?

Patrick has helped many youngsters improve their speech—whether they can’t pronounce their R’s, have a lisp, or just don’t speak clearly. Patrick’s process not only yields results, but the improvements are fast, and the sessions are fun.

How long will it take to change my voice?

It varies for each person, depending on their goals. You will see, feel, and hear results in your first session. Ideally, a length of study should be at least 6-12 lessons to ensure optimal results.

What if I can’t get to Los Angeles?

Location is never an obstacle. Patrick works with clients all over the world via Skype and FaceTime.