The Energetic Voice by Brittany Blomsterberg, MA

How many of you who have been diligent in building a powerful voice continue to experience less than ideal results?

Despite noticing a vast improvement in your physical voice following countless hours of vocal exercises & support, your numbers are not adequately reflecting your efforts?

Perhaps you are not equally strengthening the two primary voices– your Physical Voice and your Energetic Voice. It is more common to focus your time on strengthening the Physical Voice, enhancing your projection, volume, pronunciation, enunciation, etc.

What’s often ignored is the Energetic Voice, made up of your intention, integrity, and identity. Exercising the Energetic voice requires you to become introspective, asking yourself powerful questions & deepening your self-awareness.

To be most successful, the components of your Energetic Voice must be congruent with what is being articulated by your Physical Voice.


When it comes to an intention– whether you are giving a presentation to 5000 people, or setting a boundary with your spouse—yours will most likely be categorized in one of the following: what you can get or what you can give. Each intention influences the experience of your audience subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) through your Physical Voice.

Let’s say you have committed to a new business venture involving multi-level marketing (MLM), and are presenting to a potential addition to your team. You show up to the meeting with an intention to get: you want to build a passive income stream in order to make millions while you sleep, and this person serves as one cog in that wheel.

The minute your well-trained Physical Voice begins using successful selling strategies, expressing how amazing this opportunity would be for them, your Energetic Voice is saying the opposite: how amazing this opportunity for me if you joined the team.

Your Energetic Voice contains your True intention to get something. This will be felt by the receiver in some form of discomfort, even if they’re unconscious as to why they are feeling that way. So even if on the surface you sounded like a powerhouse, people will feel you before they hear you. This discomfort is a result of the incongruence between your intention and your words, leading the receiver to believe they are being sold to, and ultimately declining the offer.

While the probability of numbers speaks for itself that the more people you speak to, there will be some who come on board, wouldn’t you rather spend less time and effort with a much higher return?

Only when your intention falls into the category of giving (i.e. being genuinely satisfied to simply share an opportunity that could potentially improve someone’s life) will you experience ease as your numbers skyrocket. The congruency between your intention of giving and the articulation of what you are giving creates true rapport and immediate value, connecting the individual to you and inclining them to join.


Your intention is directly formulated by your values, and the integrity of which you abide by these values.

Using the same MLM situation, is this a product you believe in?

Do you support it?

Does it align with your values?

If you consider yourself a vegan and your product is meat-based, this incongruence will again be experienced by the receiver. Your Physical Voice may be crystal clear while the Energetic voice is subliminally sharing the Truth: that you do not believe in this product. Then why should they?

Let’s say the product itself is congruent with your values, but then you discover the product is faulty in some manner. Perhaps selling a product that does not do what it promises is not congruent with your values… then sharing it with others would be out of integrity. Your Energetic Voice will come through and will have a direct impact on the amount of leads you are able to convert.

You must be in integrity with your own beliefs & values or it will inevitably lead to a challenging road for you by creating distrust.


Ultimately what shapes your intention and integrity are your beliefs about who you are: your identity.

Ask yourself:

Does this business venture or product feel like me?

Am I successful?

Do I have the potential to become successful?

What are my core values?

Who you believe you are is the foundation of your Energetic Voice.

Even though you may have become efficient and confident in your pitches, how you feel about yourself and your identity speaks in much higher volumes.

If deep down you do not believe you are an entrepreneur capable of success, or if you believe you are not a “salesman,” then during your conscious attempts to be successful (i.e., selling with your Physical Voice), your subconscious parts of you will self-sabotage (i.e., your Energetic Voice).

Your subconscious parts will do this because it is incongruent to who you believe yourself to be, and it seeks only to maintain that identity to alleviate its own discomfort.


The Physical Voice and Energetic Voice are equally essential for effective communication and success. It is imperative that you take the time to build the muscles for each (literally and figuratively). Once your powerful Physical Voice is genuinely congruent with your intention, your integrity and your identity in your Energetic Voice, you will be unstoppable!


Brittany is a Spiritual Life Coach who specializes in Energetic Healing. After over ten years of formal education in Psychology, transitioning from Marriage and Family Therapy to Life Coaching, and immersing herself in the spiritual realm, she has created her own successful Holistic Healing practice that centers on a mind-body-spirit approach. Learn more about Brittany Blomsterberg here: