How Can I Have A Deeper Voice?

How can I have a deeper voice? A lot of clients come to me and they ask “Can I have a deeper voice, and if so how can I do that?” And oftentimes they're asking because a deeper voice is associ

Why do I have a lisp?

Why do I have a lisp? Well, a lisp is a really interesting thing. A lisp is generally thought of as with an S, as in silly Sally - it sounds like a TH. Thilly Thally. Little kids have it

Super Speaker Series: Vary Your Pitch

Subscribe to Patrick's YouTube channel Transcript: Super speaker series--pitch. Every one of you has an incredible range in their voice--low notes, high notes, all kinds of notes. But so man

Why Do I Have A Nasal Voice!?

Hi everybody. Why do I have a nasal voice? Well first of all, what is a nasal voice? A nasal voice is when the sound starts to go all through the nose and in fact I've done a video on t

What is Your Intention?

This is part of the Super Speaker Series - What is your intention? Why do you want to improve your communication skills? Transcript: We're getting ready for the super speaker series - become