What Kind of Energy Do You Have?

This is part of the Super Speaker Series – What kind of energy do you have? What kind of energy do you bring to the table?

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Get excited! Because we’re going to be launching our new super speaker series, where I will show you how to become a super speaker. In preparation for that, however, I want to take it one step back and look at energy. What kind of energy do you have? And what kind of energy do you bring into a situation? The reason I ask this is if you look at a speaker, if you listen to a great speaker, notice what kind of energy they have. What kind of effect are they having on the audience simply by the body language, by the thought process, by the feelings and emotions they’re generating in the room. Well, the first step is awareness of the kind of energies you bring into a room and how you can change those energies to get what you want, to achieve your goals and to have the impact on other people that will help you get what you want.

So the assignment for this week is very simple–I want you to enter a new situation this week, whether it’s ordering a coffee, or getting onto the subway, whatever that is and I want you to do is sort of low-energy, neutral feeling when you look at somebody to sort of give them a look without any smile on your face without any energy inside of you and notice how that person responds to you. Then I want you to take a smile, a good thought. I don’t mean a big fake smile like this, but something that’s authentic and true and share that with somebody and see how that affects that person. I bet you’ll get a smile back from them. The energy that we have is unlimited and it’s incredible but it first takes awareness. So this week try that experiment and see with your new awareness how you can take your energy, change it and have an effect on other people. I want to hear from you how it went.