How Can I Have A Deeper Voice?

How can I have a deeper voice? A lot of clients come to me and they ask “Can I have a deeper voice, and if so how can I do that?” And oftentimes they’re asking because a deeper voice is associated with more confidence or authority and even more sexiness. Well of course I could just push my larynx down and talk like this but that’s not safe and it’s not sustainable and I don’t recommend it. The question becomes “How can I have a full deep voice and do that in a safe organic sustainable way?”

Well I’ve come up with a simple easy technique called the BRO technique B-R-O. Breathe, Relax Open your mouth. First off, breathe. I always talk about the breath because the breath is a foundation not only of life but of a good strong voice. By breathing deeply you allow your voice to get deeper.

Imagine if you’re playing the tuba. To play the tuba you need to have a full body breath, you can’t just have a shallow breath. having a shallow voice or shallow breath rather creates a shallow voice. By breathing deeply, your voice deepens. So breathe deeply.

Number two – Relax. The key to a good voice is relaxation. The key to any kind of creativity is relaxation, so work on being physically relaxed. Try yoga, try meditation, anything. Simply as I always recommend in my videos, yawn. By yawning you’ll open your mouth, you’ll relax, you’ll take a deep breath in and your abdominal muscles will relax, your diaphragm will relax and your larynx will relax.

Third – Open your mouth more than you’re used to. In my book Accent: American in the “how to use this book” chapter I talk about opening your mouth more than you’re used to. It’s very you know easy for us to talk like this from our mouth not really opening up. You’ll never have a rich full voice if you do that. Drop your jaw and allow that full rich resident voice to emerge you’ll start to see great results in no time.

Practice the B-R-O technique – Breathe, Relax, Open your mouth. Start to make it a part of your daily practice, have fun with it and watch your voice develop, grow and be deep rich and resonant every time you speak.

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