Super Speaker Series – Personality High Five

Hi everybody, welcome back to the Super Speaker series. We’re talking about personality and in today’s video we’re talking about the Personality High Five. Well in the last two videos you’ve done some work, you defined how you see yourself personality wise and how others see you personality wise.

Now it’s time to look at the Personality High Five because remember your personality affects all parts of your being especially your voice. I’ve created the acronym STEPT S-T-E-P-T. So the personality high five this is your personality right here which you’ve described for yourself and STEPT stands for how you “See” the world, how you “Take” action, how you “Engage” with people, how you “Present” yourself and how you “Tell” stories.

Think about that saying he sees the glass half full and he sees the glass half empty. This is really our personality, the way we look at the world. So the person who looks at the glass half empty might say things like “That’s a problem” or “I can’t do that” whereas the person who sees the glass half full might say things like “oh there’s an opportunity” or “How can we make that happen?”. Now I’m not advocating that we all are positive people all the time or that we all have the same cookie cutter personality. Your personality is a gift of the world and I’m suggesting that looking at our personality and seeing how we relate to the world gives us an opportunity to grow from that awareness.

So the homework for you is to write in your voice journal how your personality it affects those different parts of your being. STEPT. How you “See” the world, how you “Take” action, how you “Engage” with people, how you “Present” yourself and how you “Tell” stories, because all of those things affect the you comport yourself in the world, how you use your voice, the word choice you use. By being aware of all of those aspects of yourself you can become a super speaker because you have a direction to go in.

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