Super Speaker Series: The Personality Vision Board

Hey everybody, welcome back to the Super Speaker Series.

Today we’re continuing to talk about your personality and your voice. In the last video you were assigned the task of defining what your personality is seen as by a co-worker, friend or family member and what your own vision of your personality is and how do those two come together?

Now it’s time to create a personality vision board. So what I want you to do is find somebody in your life – either a famous person or somebody close to you whose personality you admire, somebody you look up to, somebody you want to emulate.

Take their picture and put it into your voice journal. Write down the three characteristics that you think of when you describe their personality.

For me I would choose a very high ideal and that would be Meryl Streep because she is so intelligent, so warm and so funny. All three of those qualities I admire, so in my voice journal and in my personality, rather vision board I would like to write about those three characteristics – warm, humorous, funny and start to emulate that.

In your own life, try to find out ways you can emulate those characteristics in your personality. By doing that you’ll start to feel that fill your voice up in those same kind of ways. Work towards that vision create that vision for yourself and you’ll start to feel your personality shine your voice shine and the relationships you have shine.

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