Super Speaker Series: Where Do You Hold Your Tension?

This is part of the Super Speaker Series – Where do you hold your tension? Tension gets in the way of being a super speaker.

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Where do you hold your tension? Tension is something that gets in the way of being a super speaker. I have an exercise for you. I want you to sit in the chair, close your eyes and breathe. As you do this run through your whole body with your mind’s eye, eyes closed and start to relax each part of your body. Your toes, your stomach, your face. Going through the whole entire body. As you do this, notice which areas in your body you’re holding on tension to that you can breathe into and then relax.

Once you’ve taken stock of those different areas. For me, it would be my throat, my belly or my shoulders. Once you’ve taken stock of those areas, start to notice when you’re in a social situation where you’re holding tension. Is it in that shoulder? Is it in the stomach? Is it in the toe? Where is it? And breathe into it so that you can relax and let that tension go. Tension, holding on, tightness these are all blocks to breathing fully. And by not breathing fully, we’re not allowing ourselves to speak fully.

So this is your homework this week. Discover where these tension pockets are. Identifying them, breathing into them, softening and releasing them. You can start to have a fully relaxed body that’s available to you at any time to speak with a full, confident, resonant voice. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this exercise works for you.