Why Do I Have A Nasal Voice!?

Hi everybody. Why do I have a nasal voice?

Well first of all, what is a nasal voice? A nasal voice is when the sound starts to go all through the nose and in fact I’ve done a video on that it’s called “What is a nasal voice?”.

Look it up and you’ll learn a little bit from that. But a lot of my clients come to me because they ask me why do I have this nasal quality to my voice? I want to get rid of that.

Typically there are three reasons. One is because while the sound is going all through there, the soft palate hasn’t risen up and so that sound is going all right through the nose, you’ve gotta blend them both the nasal and the chest quality. Secondly a lack of energy/ So again that soft palate is not lifting so all that sound kind of fall backs on itself goes through nose and you get the nasal sound.

Third it could because of the region of the country you’re from. Different parts of the country have more of a nasal sounds to their vowels, and so that sound gets pushed up through there. How do I overcome a nasal voice?

Well as I frequently recommend, do with Morgan Freeman recommends, and that is yawn. By yawning you’re lifting your soft palate and allowing that sound to come both through this passage as well as through the facial mask, but you want a nice blend of the two. So try that at home, yawn, open up that soft palate. Make sure when you’re yawn you’re not just yawning again through that nose or you’re going to create that nasal sound over and over again. Go for that full resonant yawn and see how your voice grows.

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