The Man Behind The Voice

Patrick Muñoz practices what he preaches. Not only is he an amazing Voice and Speech Coach, he’s also a working voice over actor.


“Patrick is a talented voice and speech coach who has helped many of my clients reduce their Spanish accents when preparing roles for American films.”

“After five years of seeing little to no results with speech therapy received through our local school district, we found Patrick Muñoz. Patrick was able to fix my son’s speech issues in just a few months. We were and continue to be astounded by the major improvements we can hear in his speech. I highly recommend Patrick as an alternative to traditional speech therapy. He has truly been a miracle worker for our son.”

“Patrick’s sessions have been the perfect transition from school to the “real” world. I’ve let go of my public speaking insecurities. Now I can be myself and be professional at the same time. Thanks to Patrick, I can run a meeting, and no one knows I’m fresh out of college!”

Lucy Brown, Junior Drake, Inc

“Patrick is an amazing, patient, funny and dedicated teacher! I had looked around before he was recommended to me but didn’t find anyone as special as him. My accent has completely disappeared and people simply can’t believe I’m from Germany any more. All my foreign actor friends immediately wanted to work with him and love him too. Patrick is a kind soul that will work in the industry for a long time. He’s worth every cent and will change your career forever.”

“One of Hollywood’s top Voice and Speech Coaches!”

“Patrick is brilliant. On a scale from 1 to 5, he is a 10! He is highly skilled and insightful. Patrick knows how to help you find your true voice. If you are a business professional who wants to increase your effectiveness as a public speaker, look no further! Patrick’s techniques and coaching methods will help you find a new and better you that is capable of articulating your ideas like never before.”

VaLecia Adams, Executive Director
St. Joseph Center, Santa Monica

“I host a radio show and every single show, people comment on how they like the sound of my voice. I always think of and thank Patrick. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking to improve their voice, presence and audio appeal. Patrick is an easy communicator with a powerful gift: he can teach you how to be one, too.”

“Over the years, Patrick has helped me so much. He is so good and gives me 100% attention. I always call him the I have a film or TV audition. I listen to his audios over and over in my car and that really helps!”

“Patrick works in a beautiful location near Santa Monica Blvd. He is engaging and tries to pull your best work out of you. I do podcasts and thought it would be a good idea to get some voice coaching. So I called up Patrick and we went to work. We started with generally opening up my voice and he gave me important points I will never forget when speaking: speak out and have good posture. And then we got into the nitty gritty of speech and certain ways I can sound better. He has improved the way I speak and I learned a great deal from him. Anyone who chooses to work with Patrick will be happy they did so.”

“Speech Therapist?!! Patrick is much more than just a speech therapist. Absolutely amazing career coach, teacher, voice coach…he really knows his work and connects to every bit of it with his actors. He brings out the best in people. He is such a positive person and great influence in my life as an actor. Thank you for all your guidance and support and help with my journey. I would take your class over a million times. Scott Sedita Acting Studios has a GEM….Patrick Munoz. Unbelievable!!!”

“Patrick is such a passionate, patient and brilliant voice and speech coach!
I love how he specifically plans each session to give me practical steps to achieve my overall goals. I leave each session encouraged and empowered! I am amazed by his attentive ear that can quickly pick up small differences and areas to address. He truly listens and the results are amazing! As an actor his coaching and experience in the industry has been priceless. The bonus besides Patrick’s professional expertise is his contagious positivity, sense of humor and zest for life. He has inspired me to soar!”

“Patrick is effective, lovely to be around, and won’t gouge you for money. He thought four sessions would be plenty to get my speech problems on track and he was right. It was an investment in my health and acting, and I’m grateful for his expertise.”