Ask Patrick! A New Way To Get Answers From a Voice Coach

I’m so excited about a new feature on my website. It’s called Ask Patrick:


Ask Patrick
1.What are the best exercises to improve & maintain good posture…
Posture is so important in the production of the voice, also in looking confident and standing
confident, and maintaining a healthy body throughout your whole life. Two good exercises I
recommend: First, the floor exercise. Lie on the floor, with your knees bent, feet on the floor,
and just feel yourself sinking into the floor, relaxing into it. When you’re there, notice your
breath coming in naturally, your stomach going up on the inhalation and down on the
exhalation, because that’s what happens when you’re naturally relaxed and breathing. Notice
how your spine is connected to the floor. Imagine there is space between each of the
vertebrae. Then do a very simple exercise, and just free your neck by moving your head from
side to side. That’s the first exercise.
Then, the standing exercise. When you’re standing, I want you to notice where you’re standing,
where you’re putting the weight on your feet. Play with that. Go a little bit forward on your feet,
then a little farther back and feel your weight on your heels. Notice what it is like when your
weight is in between those two places, evenly distributed between your toes, heels and your
arches. Next, imagine a string coming from the very top of your skull. Relax your face and your
jaw. Notice the spine elongating. Feel that freedom. Feel that sense of space you have between
each of the vertebra. Now imagine there is a little balloon under each of your pits. Finally,
imagine there is a string coming from the base of your sternum, pulling out toward the center of
the room. As you do this, soften. Relax. Feel yourself full, tall, expanded and soft at the same
2. I’m a student a the Beverly Hills…
It really depends on you and how you feel you learn best. Some of my students like to work on
their own. They study with my book, work through the exercises one sound at a time, and that
works well for them. They record themselves, and this helps them to train their ears and their
speech. If you do this, I do recommend seeking the assistance of a professional voice coach to
gain some feedback on what they are hearing.
Group classes are also a great option, especially when it comes to corporate coaching. If
you’re interested in accent training, it’s good because you get to hear other accents, and that
can be beneficial. Sometimes, it can be a bit slow in the process because you’re not getting
enough individualized attention. It’s a great way to start, though!
I recommend one-on-one coaching the most. It’s the best use of your time because you get
individualized coaching with specific feedback.
For rates, please email me.
3.Do you have any workshops or classes scheduled…
I have and do coach two people at a time. I feel this can be very beneficial when the two have
similar goals. It’s great because you get to hear one another and be a support team for one
4. Trembling voice…
Great news! Getting over a trembling voice is so much easier than getting over a trembling
body. By really breathing and exercising your voice, you can overcome this. It’s only when
people aren’t really using their voice, and perhaps they are speaking from their throats, that the
voice starts to tremble. You gain control over this when you use your breath. Slow down and
sound out your words. Make this part of your voice routine.
5. Best thing under 1 minute…
Come up with a mantra for yourself. It can change from presentation to presentation, whatever
works for you. Say this phrase to yourself silently over and over again before you go up so you
can be in sort of a meditative state and ready for action when it is your time to speak. When I
used to teach acting classes, I would use, “Let’s go make them the best they can be!” Pick
what works for you and do this to help energize yourself for action.