How To Stop Mumbling: Drop Your Jaw

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Hi, I’m Patrick Munoz, author of Accent: American.

The articulators or how to stop mumbling. The articulators that you can work with include the lips, the tongue, the soft palate and the lower jaw.

In this video, let’s talk about the lower jaw. How many of you really don’t open your mouth when you talk? It’s an American kind of habit, not really lowering that lower jaw. Well you are doing yourself a great disservice and in this video right now I want you to commit to opening your mouth more than you’re used to. That’s what I talk about in the first chapter of my book Accent: American. I say open your mouth more than you’re used to. Singers do it. They know that if they drop their jaw and open their mouths, their tone improves, their volume improves, their ability to create notes higher and lower improves. So let’s use that technique for our speaking voice.

Try the phrase, “Go home.” Let’s try it, first of all, as you might naturally say it, “Go home, go home.” Try it. Don’t really open your mouth. Try it with some more volume but don’t open your mouth. “Go home, go home.” Now let’s be daring, let’s be audacious, let’s find our commanding powerful voice. Drop your jaw, take a nice breath in and say “Go home.” Pretty powerful, huh? If you drop your jaw, that is one of the articulators that you do have power over. If you drop your jaw, you suddenly open up your voice and command presence, command attention. So I want you to try that this week. Try opening your jaw.

One other simple exercise to do is to yawn. I always say open your mouth more than you’re used to, yawn it’s the most effective way to relax and open your voice. Try yawning, letting your jaw drop and notice that powerful voice that’s in you right now, emerged.

Let me know how it works for you, I always look forward to hearing from you, seeing how it works.

I’m Patrick Munoz, thank you for watching.