How To Stop Mumbling: The Hard Palate & Your Teeth

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Hi, I’m Patrick Munoz, author of Accent: American.

How to stop mumbling: use your articulators.

This video involves two articulators that really are FYI. They’re two articulators that don’t move, that you can’t do anything about, well one of which you can’t do anything about immediately and the other one is just really an FYI.

The FYI is the hard palate. What is the hard palate? Well really it’s the roof of your mouth. Take your tongue, put it on the very top of your upper teeth and then just roll it back. I’ll do it too. I’m licking the top of my mouth. Yes, that is your hard palate and just FYI, that’s what your tongue hits when it’s making certain sounds. The T’s, D’s, N’s, L’s and well that’s FYI.

Now your teeth, you can’t do anything about them immediately, but many of my clients come to me wearing Invisalign. They’re either at the beginning of the process or they’re in the retainer phase. Other clients come to me because they’ve had a dental procedure and their speech has changed. Now if this is the case for you and you’ve had a procedure and suddenly you’re starting to have overly slushy S’s or your speech isn’t as clear as it was, talk to your oral surgeon, talk to your dentist, see what they recommend. Oftentimes they’ll say do some voice and speech exercises, go and see a voice and speech coach and they can help you with that.

If you have Invisalign, if you’re wearing Invisalign or in the middle of that process, I recommend taking it out when you are at an interview, giving a presentation, going for an audition. That can help keep your speech nice and clear. Many of my clients come to me and they actually learn how to work around it, but certainly if you have moments where you’re trying to be very clear in how you speak, you can just pop that Invisalign out and that will help you go back to your nice, clear speech. So those are two FYIs for you, your hard palate and your teeth.

And now you know a little bit about more, a little bit more about, rather, good voice, good speech and how to make it more clear, more confident every day.