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Hi, I’m Patrick Munoz, author of Accent: American.

How to stop mumbling: the articulators, the soft palate.

What is the soft palate? Well, the palate–hard palate and soft palate–are really the roof of your mouth. That whole area from the top of your upper teeth, all the way back to your throat.

The times that you use your soft palate are when you make the “nk” or the “ng” sound. So if you were to say, “I’m going,” the soft palate now was in contact with the back of the tongue.

You can move the soft palate. The soft palate can be raised and you can sound like Pee-Wee Herman when you talk, or the soft palate can be dropped. It’s kind of hard to drop the soft palate completely because then you’re only making nasal sound, but if that soft palate is kind of lower you start to get very nasal because the sounds are going through your nose.

So what you want to do is have a soft palate that is invigorated, that is alive. One way to do this is to yawn with your lips closed. Let’s try that. Take a nice yawn with your lips closed. You’ll notice the sensation of the back of your mouth of something lifting. That is your soft palate. By lifting the soft palate by opening your mouth, dropping your jaw, you’re improving your tone. If you have a lazy fallen down sort of half half soft palate you become nasal and all the tone isn’t as rich.

And remember, this is all about intention. Having clear
powerful, confident, warm, pleasant, pleasing, whatever you want to describe it as, speech can be developed by using these articulators by developing them and one of them is this soft palate. Try doing that exercise at home, lifting that soft palate and noticing the difference as you speak with a powerful, open, clear, confident voice.