Using The Cork

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Patrick Munoz. I’m a voice and speech coach. In today’s video, I’m going to show you an easy, at home exercise to develop vocal strength. It’s the cork exercise.

Many of my clients come to me and ask me, “Why is my voice not more full? Why can’t I pro-ject? Why can’t people hear me?” Well, often times it’s because they’re not opening their mouth. And you see as I’m not really opening my mouth here, the sound is not very strong. When I open my mouth, instantly the voice opens up. So the easy way to do this is with this cork. We’re going to stick it in to the side, not up and down – that’s a little bit too much of a stretch. We’ll put it in be-tween our teeth, and what I want you to notice when we do the exercise is that your first reac-tion, unconsciously, might be to tighten your mouth around that cork, or to stop breathing as normally as you do. So it’s a good exercise actually for when you are in a place where you feel a bit uncomfortable or a bit anxious, to notice how unconsciously your body starts to react by tightening up. That is never going to help our voices, or in fact, our comfortability level. Breathe. Relax. So let’s try this. Put it into our mouth, between our front teeth, and just gently breathe. Breathing in, and breathing out. Feel the breath come in around the cork, down into your belly, and then back out the throat back into the room. Try it again.

Great! Now we’ll try a phrase. The phrase I’d like you to use is, “I speak with a strong voice.” And when you say this, I want you to really again feel that breath coming in through the nice open throat, around that cork, down into the belly, and then on the exhalation, a nice full voice, open mouth (you have to because you have the cork in your mouth.) saying, “I speak with a strong voice!” Let’s try it. We’ll do it three times. Cork in. Relaxed. Breathe in. “I speak with strong voice!” Your turn. And again, a nice big breath in. Feel that rib cage expand, the belly breathes in that air, a nice big breath in, “I speak with a strong voice!” Excellent. And now let’s try it one more time, big breath in, a big, full projected voice. “I speak with a strong voice!”

Taking it out, feel that same amount of space in your mouth. I’ll say it first, and you’ll say it after me. Big breath in, “I speak with a strong voice!” Notice the vocal power you have when you do it. Great!

I would like you to try this exercise every day for two minutes over the next two weeks. Then notice how much stronger and fuller your voice feels, how much you notice opening your mouth helps bring out that sound. Let me know the results. I’m always interested to know how these ex-ercises are working for you at home. Please visit me at my website, and follow me on Twitter @TheVoiceZone.