Your Voice is Your Instrument

Like any instrument, your voice can be tuned and improved. Learning breath control, increasing your vocal power, and perfecting sound modifications will help you discover your natural ability.

Voice Coaching & Training
Can Help You
  • Breathe correctly and support your voice
  • Engage your audience and hold their attention
  • Have a more dynamic voice
  • Project your voice, articulate clearly, pace your words
  • Exhibit confident posture and body language
  • ​Relax in front of an audience, on auditions, in public speaking, and interviews
Coaching Classes Available
Located in West Hollywood, California, and everywhere else via Skype.
  • Consultations and sessions via phone eliminate location as an obstacle.
  • Pre and post measures of progress on audio and video recordings.
  • Focus on individual goals.
  • Hear the difference after the first session.
Coaching for Actors
Be engaging and hold the attention of your audience with voice support, articulation, pitch and pace.
  • Reduce or eliminate an accent.
  • Increase vocal stamina.
  • Improve articulation.
  • Gain confidence for auditioning.
  • Learn a new accent or dialect.

Visit the Blog for video demonstrations.