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Accent: American

for the Chinese speaker

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Articulation, volume, and intonation can be especially difficult for the native Chinese speaker. With that in mind, I designed this course to help you master all the challenging aspects of the Standard American Accent. You will learn to speak with confidence & clarity so you can be heard and understood every time you speak!
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6+ hrs.
54 chapters
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Who This Course Is For

Are you often asked to repast yourself? Do you have a hard time being understood in your personal or professional life? Are your reading and writing skills far superior to the way you speak?

In my 20+ years as a Voice & Speech Coach, I’ve seen how difficult it can be for the native Chinese speaker to sound “American.” The important L and R sounds, speaking with volume, and speaking smoothly are all elements you’ll learn in this course.

With practice, you’ll be speaking American English more clearly and smoothly than ever.

What You'll Learn

  • Vowel & consonant sounds
  • Points of articulation
  • Speaking dynamically
  • How to use your breath to develop your voice
  • How to physicalize your speech
  • The differences between professional and casual speech
  • How to speak with American-style inflection
  • Speaking smoothly by connecting words together
  • And much, much more…
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Steps to Success

Progress through the course in logical order, acquiring skills with each lesson.

Keep Improving

Review & re-take lessons as many times as you like, in any order.

Lesson Plan Preview — Accent: American for the Chinese Speaker

  • Getting Started  3 chapters
  • The Front Vowel Sounds  7 chapters
  • Overview of the R Sounds  3 chapters
  • The R Dipthongs  4 chapters
  • The Schwa Sound: The Key Sound to Success!  2 chapters
  • The Most Confusing Vowel Sounds for the Chinese Speaker  3 chapters
  • Dipthongs — 7 chapters
  • Consonant Sounds  5 chapters
  • Tip of the Tongue Consonants  7 chapters
  • Consonant Pairs  6 chapters
  • The Nasal Sounds — 6 chapters
  • Three More Consonant Sounds — 3 chapters
  • Putting it All Together & Advanced Practice — 7 chapters

Your Vocal Journey

Making your speech clearer, crisper, and more resonant is a life-changing experience. Emails, social media, and text messages are all types communication, but everything ends up in conversation.

Nail that job interview, deliver a message with personality and individuality, and have more of an impact in your daily life. Feel more comfortable at parties, in business meetings, or on the phone with your friends & family.

Schedule your first—or next—voice coaching session with Patrick today. Or enroll in an online course where your can work on your own time and pace while saving money over the cost of in-person coaching.

—Patrick Muñoz
Be heard. Be understood.
Find your voice.™

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