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Course Description

The American accent can be difficult to achieve, especially when English is not your primary language. In this complimentary introduction course, you’ll get a better understanding of the basic elements of sounding more authentically American.

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15+ min.
4 chapters
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Who This Course Is For

Consider this introduction course as not just free instruction, but as a solid foundation on which to build and improve your American accent. Learning the basics of common sounds and vocal traits will get you well on your way to sounding more clear and articulate than ever before.

Each lesson will move briskly through the instruction with plenty of active participation. Definitely pause and replay the practice phrases as much as you’d like as these are the cornerstones of improving your comfort and ease in speaking American English.

What You'll Learn

  • The importance of volume
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Using your breath to fuel your voice
  • Melody, intonation, and flow
  • Connecting your words together
  • And much more…
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Steps to Success

Progress through the course in logical order, acquiring skills with each lesson.

Keep Improving

Review & re-take lessons as many times as you like, in any order.

Lesson Plan Preview — Accent: American Introduction Course

  • Speak with Volume & Confidence
  • Melody, Intonation & Flow
  • The Great Secret of American Speech
  • Putting It All Together

Your Vocal Journey

Making your speech clearer, crisper, and more resonant is a life-changing experience. Emails, social media, and text messages are all types communication, but everything ends up in conversation.

Nail that job interview, deliver a message with personality and individuality, and have more of an impact in your daily life. Feel more comfortable at parties, in business meetings, or on the phone with your friends & family.

Schedule your first—or next—voice coaching session with Patrick today. Or enroll in an online course where your can work on your own time and pace while saving money over the cost of in-person coaching.

—Patrick Muñoz
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