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Online coursework is the pinnacle of modern learning. Work at your own pace, stop and start at your convenience, and return and relearn as often as you want.

Online Course

Accent: American Introduction Course

The American accent can be difficult to achieve, especially when English is not your primary language. In this complimentary introduction course, you’ll get a better understanding of the basic elements of sounding more authentically American.

Online Course

The Muñoz Method 8-Minute Warm-up

Yes, a vocal warm-up in just 8 minutes! In this video series, I’ll share with you the flagship warm-up that I use with all of my students. It’s simple, fun & thorough. Using The Muñoz Method Warm-Up will activate your naturally powerful and dynamic voice and have you ready to speak throughout the day.

“I've taken great care in preparing a quality series of courses for the needs of my most frequent clients. Now you can work along with me on your schedule."
— Patrick Muñoz

Accent: American Courses

for non-native English speakers

Online Course

Accent: American
  for the Spanish Speaker

As a native Spanish speaker, the way you pronounce words is determined by their spelling – simple! In American English, not so much. I will help you understand the way that sounds are made, step-by-step, so that reducing or eliminating your Spanish accent is easy and fun!

Online Course

Accent: American
  for the Russian Speaker

For the native Russian speaker, word pronunciation generally follows spelling. But in American English, that’s not quite the case. In this course, we’ll tackle all the sounds that native Russian speakers find the most challenging and that keep you from sounding authentically American.

Online Course

Accent: American
  for the Chinese Speaker

Articulation, volume, and intonation can be especially difficult for the native Chinese speaker. With that in mind, I designed this course to help you master all the challenging aspects of the Standard American Accent. You will learn to speak with confidence & clarity so you can be heard and understood every time you speak.

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Great! That’s my specialty! I’ve been helping people for over 20 years from all over the world to gain confidence and freedom in the clarity of their speech. I look forward to helping you!

Be heard. Be understood. Find your voice.™
—Patrick Muñoz

Be heard. Be understood.
Find your voice.™
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