Private Coaching

Voice & Speech Coaching with a trusted professional like Patrick will give you the training you need to speak clearly, smoothly, and confidently.

Professional Voice Coaching in a Safe & Supportive Environment

Have you ever wanted to improve the way you sound?
Do you feel like your voice doesn’t reflect your personality?
Would you like to always feel confident in what you say and how you say it?

Whether it’s developing a stronger, deeper voice, making your speech clearer and more professional, or being more confident in expressing yourself in personal and work situations, join Patrick for a 50-minute, One-On-One Voice & Speech Coaching session and give yourself the best chance to accomplish your dreams.

Working live online with Patrick, you'll get clear instruction and helpful exercises, as well as a video recording of each session so you can see and hear your improvement.

Be heard. Be understood.
Find your voice.™
Patrick is a Team Coaching Specialist!

Coaching for teams brings immediate value for team members. Patrick's sessions help build connections, trust, and encourage confidence in communication.

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Speaking well is a mark of distinction. It helps you lead and engage with those around you. With a clear, confident voice you'll rise above the crowd and you will be heard.

Learn How to Use Your Voice

→ Breathe efficiently and stop speaking just from your throat.
→ Lead with a more dynamic and engaging voice.
→ Project your voice, articulate clearly, and pace your speech.

Learn to Speak and Lead with Confidence

→ Engage your audience and hold their attention.
→ Keep a relaxed voice in meetings and in interviews.
→ Exude confidence in your posture and body language.

Enhanced Accent Coaching

→ Lighten or eliminate your accent.
→ Learn the specific sound patterns of Standard American English.
→ Project your voice, articulate clearly, and pace your speech.

Professional Coaching for Actors, Influencers & Voice Artists

Clarity • Personality • Power
What are you remembered for?

When you speak with your subscribers, followers, and colleagues, what do they remember about you? A clear, confident voice is your most effective tool when sharing your message.

Are you being understood the way you intend?

Reach people with your true voice; the unfettered, authentic you. The feeling of being heard is rewarding and satisfying.

Work with Patrick Muñoz to improve your voice.

Master the 8-minute warm-up.
Develop your vocal power & stamina.
Learn an accent for a role.
Learn to support your voice with your breath.
Discover your vocal quality & strength.
Find and master your full, authentic voice.
Ready to get to the next level?
Be heard. Be understood.
Find your voice.™
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Schedule your appointment up to 30 days in a advance with a 24-hour cancellation policy.

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Video recordings provided

Portions of the online session will be recorded so that you can review classes at your convenience.

Continue your progress

You'll learn and practice live with Patrick, and leave with notes and exercises to follow.

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